LaunchLab, powered by Blackstone Launchpad, offers two training programs aimed to enable students with advanced analytical and simulation techniques in the domain of financial risk modelling and social system simulation.

The first training program will use PERACTON® financial analytics platform (MAARS) to train students in risk assessment, algorithmic trading and portfolio management using diverse instruments of stocks, bonds and ETFs. PERACTON’s back-testing suite powered by Python will be used to train students to develop their own novel trading strategies.

The second program will train students in Social System simulation using large scale models run on Python. Students will be trained in simulating social models of choice, competition, conflict and cooperation using multi-level, multi-agent systems employing range of techniques, including game-theoretic techniques. The aim of this program is to enable students with interdisciplinary analytical skills to explore the complexities of social systems.

These two programs will run concurrently from the 30th of January 2017. These programs are open to advanced undergraduate students (3rd/4th year UG), Postgraduate students and researchers (PhD and Postdoc) from any discipline.

Fintech Programme

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Social System Simulation Programme

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