Tolteca Galway CounterTolteca is a Mexican burrito bar founded in Ireland in 2011 inspired by the success of large U.S Mexican food franchises. I decided to have a look on behalf of Blackstone Launchpad at what makes Tolteca different to its competitors, its marketing efforts towards students and the challenges faced by Tolteca Newcastle Road Galway throughout the year.

What you see is what you get when you decide to eat in Tolteca , all of their kitchens are open planned so you can see how the food is prepared. This is a big unique selling point in my opinion as it gives customers a sense of trust in how the food is prepared. You can literally see staff members crushing the avocados for the guacamole which highlights the openness “nothing to hide” culture of Tolteca.

Marketing efforts to the student market remain a strong focus for Tolteca Newcastle Road Galway, through student meal deals – burrito and drink for €6.95 , loyalty cards – every 7th burrito is free and regular social media giveaways. Involvement in NUIG societies also plays a major role in marketing to students and Tolteca Galway is currently involved in the GUMS society and also provides sponsorship for the NUIG basketball team.

Further efforts to understand the student market have been taken as Tolteca Galway are currently working alongside students who will be conducting a Tolteca student survey as part of their final year project which will provide Tolteca Galway the opportunity to hear direct feedback from the student market.

A successful franchise in the competitive Mexican burrito bar industry does not come without its challenge’s. Summer months are less student focused but when September comes around again marketing efforts are focused on gaining returning student customers. Tolteca Galway’s location, although relatively close to the University is not ideal. Potential customers have to pass a long line of restaurants and food marketplaces before reaching Tolteca which makes it challenging to compete effectively at times.

Overall if you are looking for student friendly, high quality, Irish sourced, honest, Mexican food then Tolteca makes for a great option. Located just a few minutes from NUIG it is well worth the visit.

Jack Middleton,
Blackstone Launchpad NUIG intern.